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19 - 20 September 2024

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ecomTEAM 2024

19 - 20 September 2024

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ecomTEAM is aimed at online stores and those who want to expand into e-commerce, service providers (processors, banks, customer service), logistics and marketing specialists, as well as manufacturers.

The ecomTEAM conference and Expo stands out through top speakers and content addressed to companies that want to evolve and quickly implement the latest tools and trends in the field.

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10:00 - 10:25

🎤 Fireside Chat - Dream Big, Act Smart: Pragmatic Approach to Business Success

An inspirational discussion with e-commerce professionals about their vision of the industry and how an e-commerce business should transform into a team whose main goal is scaling.

10:25 - 11:25

📈 Cross Border in 2024: Winning Strategies, Common Mistakes, and Emerging Trends

It is clear that it is increasingly difficult to perform in e-commerce relying only on the local market. The immense investments made by logistics industry players in delivery infrastructure are an invitation to scale your business internationally.

Why follow this panel? The invited professionals come with concrete figures and recommendations on the following topics:

1. What are the preferred delivery methods depending on the country you plan to expand into.

2. What are the elements you need to put in place before expanding internationally.

3. How to optimize your fulfillment area to stay competitive.

4. What happens with local and international delivery costs.

5. Which countries send the most parcels to Romania and the countries to which local players send the most.

6. Cash on delivery: how it evolves and what online stores need to learn from this preference.

11:25 - 11:45

☕ Break

11:45 - 12:00

🔊 Presentation

12:00 - 14:00

💻 Sessions: Online Shops that Inspire: Tech that Really Makes the Difference and How to Build and Master Marketing Strategies

Advertising costs continue to rise, and 2024 has brought more aggressiveness from Asian players in the battle for user attention. Additionally, we have four rounds of elections that come with their own online promotion campaigns, putting further pressure on the budgets of e-commerce players.

On the other hand, the automation of processes is no longer a luxury only affordable to major players. Solutions based on the latest technologies have become increasingly accessible and already make a difference in the competitiveness of online players.

However, how do we choose the right solutions when everybody promises to change our business with the help of Artificial Intelligence? Also, it is important to understand how to integrate these technologies in a way that is relevant to our customers as well as to the members of the organization.

Why follow these sessions? Our guests come with strategies and concrete figures on the following topics:

12:00 - 12:45

🎯 Session 1: Building and Mastering Marketing Strategies

- The marketing mix: how to build it based on the vertical you operate in

- SEO in 2024: main changes and recommendations

- Advertising costs: how to build the budget as efficiently as possible

- Advertising channels: how to build a healthy long-term approach

- Artificial Intelligence: how to build and promote our brand values with its help

- The impact of players like Temu and Shein on digital marketing: is there something to learn from their strategies?

- Marketing in other markets: how to promote yourself to attract customers depending on the country you want to expand to

12:45 - 13:00

🎤 Presentation

13:00 - 14:00

🤖 Session 2: AI and Beyond AI: Tech that Really Makes the Difference

- The latest technologies that make a difference: how to choose the right solutions

- Online store audit: when to do it and what are the most severe problems you might have

- How to put Artificial Intelligence to work: how to prepare your infrastructure and organization for proper adoption

- Personalizing the experience: tools that make the user have a pleasant experience

14:00 - 15:00

🍕 Lunch

15:00 - 17:00

🗣️ One to one meetings

We know how important networking is, which is why we are working hard to create as many networking opportunities as possible. Would you like to have a one-to-one session with the ecomTEAM speakers? We put at your disposal all the means we have to make this meeting possible. 

Discover the functionalities of the IC Events platform that gives you the possibility to schedule a meeting with the speakers present or with other participants registered on the platform. In addition to the platform functionalities, we prepare a special area in the venue for the one-to-one meetings. 

20:00 - 22:00

🎉 ecomPARTY

10:00 - 10:25

🤝 Fireside Chat - Building Your Dream Team in E-commerce: Inspirational Session

10:25 - 11:00

📝 E-commerce in 2024: Regulations and Competitiveness

The legislative changes at the European Union level, whether we talk about those already in effect, such as the Digital Markets Act, or those being discussed as necessary and in preparation, such as a measure to create fair competition conditions, influence the direction of online commerce.

They also influence how local authorities treat and evolve online commerce, which is why we bring to the same table representatives of public administration, industry associations, and legal professionals.

Why follow this panel? The main discussions will focus on the following topics:

1. Legislative changes at the EU and local level that have most impacted the e-commerce industry.

2. The impact of Asian platforms like Shein and Temu on the local market: do we have fair competition conditions?

3. The public administration's vision on online commerce: how we manage to have a public-private partnership that helps the industry's development

11:00 - 13:00

🛍️ Sessions: Romanian Online Shops that Inspire: Paying Attention to What Matters

A session that combines the inspiration offered by e-commerce entrepreneurs with the recommendations of specialists in the financial industry. Whether we talk about Buy Now Pay Later, Open Banking, or simple card payment, these tools grow year by year and can be transformed into consumer loyalty tools.

Why follow these sessions? Entrepreneurs, e-commerce managers, and payment specialists will talk about:

1. Customer retention is important, but what about employee retention?

2. The mistakes that make us stronger: what we learned from the failures we went through as entrepreneurs

3. How to transform payment tools into loyalty tools

4. What are the payment trends in Romania and the region

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