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IC Events is a virtual platform for hosting & attending events.
IC Events is built to engage & connect.


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Live streaming

Great and customizable video quality (up to 1080p).
Elegant virtual stage design.
Instant video archive for all your content, delivered immediately to your attendees and with no time constraint.

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Networking and chat

Never miss a connection with our tailored networking area.
Find with the click of a button that next partner or client with the built-in search bar.
1:1 chat dedicated to fast engagement.
Never misplace a business card or contact! Request one and, if accepted, you will receive a Vcard via email.

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Community resources

Sharing valuable resources with your attendees has never been easier.
Track interest and easily manage your shared content.

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Expo area

Now is the best time to showcase your company and products in a beautiful, virtual expo booth. Connect with future clients, present your best features with multiple media formats at your disposal.

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Why IC.events?

Work with a team of experts with a 10-year proven track record of innovation & success.

We deliver any type of event with ease.

We provide options & recommendations to get your event up and running quickly & efficiently.

Build your event with us.

Count on our technical support for fast & definitive solutions. Use our built-in features to track key metrics for your event.

We are here to help.

We offer great account management and 100% customizable options. Our design & development team can provide premium services.

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Building a community? Meeting your colleagues or partners in a private event? Showcasing your new product or service? Onboarding new team members? Hosting a career fair? Or simply trying to find the best virtual setup for your event?

Choose IC Events for fast and easy build for your specific needs. Integrate different type of video sources or use our provided solution. Create the event agenda and speaker list with our intuitive admin panel. Manage the attendee list. Send vital information, reminders and feedback forms. Use our brilliantly simple and usability tested website presentation to promote your event.

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