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hybrid Event Future Banking Summit 2023

18th - 19th Oct

Future Banking Summit 2023

The Summit is the biggest Future Banking event, with more than 1000 attendees (offline & online), 40+ speakers and the leading banks and fintechs on the stage during a two-day banking...

offline Event Ziua Ecom 2023

18th Oct

Ziua Ecom 2023

Miercuri, 18 octombrie, de la ora 14.30, ne dăm întâlnire la NORD Events Center (str. George Constantinescu nr. 4B) pentru a sărbători realizările, inovațiile și evoluția rapidă a...

hybrid Event retailArena 2023

25th - 26th Oct

retailArena 2023

⚡retailArena revine pe 25 - 26 Octombrie 2023! retailArena, unul dintre cele mai importante evenimente din industrie, vine și în 2023 cu două zile de discuții pe teme de...


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offline Event Future Banking Gala 2023

15th Nov

Future Banking Gala 2023

The Future Banking Awards have become the most important trophies that Romanian banks & fintechs alike can win in the local market. Based on the feedback & assessment of our...

hybrid Event Gala Wall-Street 2023

23rd Nov

Gala Wall-Street 2023

Lessons Learned Gala 2023 Ultimii ani au adus schimbări majore și incertitudini în toate aspectele vieții: personal, social și economic. În consecință, și anul 2023 a fost un...


Past events

It was a beautiful beggining.

hybrid Event ecomTEAM 2023

21st - 22nd Sep

ecomTEAM 2023

Is your online shop ready to go global? Presenting the 13th edition of ecomTEAM.   Every ambitious online shop knows that only sticking to its home market never works...

offline Event Kudika Good Vibe Gala

6th Sep

Kudika Good Vibe Gala

Starting with 2023, we will honor actions, people, brands and companies that excel in building a greener, cleaner and safer future. In the midst of a long string of negative news, we highlight all...


29th Jun


Exchange knowledge and good practices, seek inspiration, discuss trends and opportunities and celebrate the sustainability innovators in Romania.   The Green Start-Up...



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