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If you dream about growing your business, Sameday it. 

As online shopping begins to reign supreme, your company must keep up with your consumers' delivery expectations. And they aren't a few. Think on-time delivery, convenience, predictability, and sustainability, among others. But worry not. As usual, we have created a way to help your online business thrive while responding to all these modern-day e-commerce challenges. 

In 2018 we introduced the easybox. Our out-of-home delivery service revolutionizing your customer experience and impacting your business growth. With over 4000 lockers installed in Romania and Hungary and millions of shipments delivered, the easybox has become a standard for convenience and state-of-the-art customer experience. It's understandable if you consider the benefits. The easybox allows customers to control their time, they're available 24/7, they allow convenient returns, and they don't have mood swings. 

Our research proves that, while customers expect to have more delivery options at check-out, offering them the easybox service impacts positively the conversion rate. 

Find out all the details your online shop needs to succeed right here, at our booth. You can:

- Access valuable market insights brought to you in our keynote speech by and Elena Stoica, Chief Commercial Officer Sameday ;

- Watch our webinar on business growth with valuable integration information for the easybox service, presented by Andrei Băjenaru, Sales Director Sameday ;

- Write us at any time with your questions at [email protected]


If you want to grow your customer base,

If you want to gain customer loyalty, 

If you want to maximize your profit,

Sameday it. 



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