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Hi there! Welcome to ecomTEAM. My name is Armand Iliescu. I am the project manager of the conference and part of InternetCorp's team. We are carefully crafting our 2022 edition to make sure that you will have an incredible experience with insights provided by the best specialists from the Region. 

As you can see below we are already in touch, thanks to our ongoing projects eCommerce Monday and ecomStories, with local and international managers and entrepreneurs from the e-commerce industry. 
What do you expect from our next edition? Maybe it is a specific workshop or a speaker that you will love to see on our stage, or maybe what cocktails we will have at our famous ecomTEAM party?
Let me know by writing at [email protected]. We will try to make it happen. Can`t wait to see you at our next edition.


We have welcomed more than 460 eCommerce specialists in the event platform and  30.000 unique viewers on all our channells! You can find more details and statistics for the 2021 edition here.