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Innoship is a pure SaaS delivery management specialist founded in Romania in 2019, offering advanced technology solutions that optimize last-mile management through data intelligence for over 200 medium and large retailers in Europe. 

The advanced machine-learning algorithms of the solution analyze the performance of different delivery options across the relevant geographic area and the retailer's delivery points and automatically allocate each delivery by carrier based on business KPIs improving dramatically the customer experience and decreasing the cost of shipping. 

Innoship was set up in 2019 by Daniel Nicolae, Andrei Paul, Dan Ungureanu and Robert Tanase and has previously raised funding from GapMinder, a venture capital fund that invests in Romanian and CEE companies at Seed or Series A stage and from leading business lawyer and entrepreneur Catalin Grigorescu. 

This month Abris-backed Alsendo acquires majority interest in SaaS specialist Innoship.

Innoship and Alsendo entered a strategic partnership to develop first-class e-commerce solutions for retailers in Central and Eastern Europe

The company will help drive Alsendo’s transition from a shipping reselling business into a technology-driven, SaaS-focused powerhouse. At the same time, Innoship will benefit from Alsendo's broad regional coverage and expertise in providing comprehensive shipping services for small and medium businesses. 


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