Romanian Fintech Keez launches a new feature that helps SMEs get fiscal documents online

Published on 23.03.2021

Keez, one of the Romanian Fintechs that aims at disrupting the accounting industry, announced new features in their platform that help SMEs streamline their interactions with the Romanian Fiscal Authority (ANAF) by requesting fiscal documents online.

Romanian Fintech Keez launches a new feature that helps SMEs get fiscal documents online

Following the digitization of the fiscal authority, Romanian SMEs can now obtain the tax certificate, tax record, tax vector, annual and half-year balance sheet (submitted in the last 5 years), complete role sheet, or other documents available in the ANAF system through the self-service solution developed by Keez.

However slow, the state's digitization efforts open countless opportunities for tech startups to tap into the public sector intricacies and streamline countless processes or deliver a better taxpayer experience.

"Keez, a provider of full accounting services, but also a taxpayer, benefits from the digitization efforts of state authorities and uses all technological resources to make the accounting process easier for both entrepreneurs and accountants. Keez achieves this in an ecosystem that requires permanent access to the company's accounting documents, its activity reports, but also to official documents available in the ANAF system, regardless of the type of monthly subscription, the size of the company, or the number of employees." – said Keez's CEO Daniel Mateescu.

Keez's announcement is an important step in digitizing accounting procedures in relation to the fiscal authority. Until now, the entrepreneurs had to request these documents from the Fiscal Authority (ANAF) through email or telephone.

Although hardly used, some entrepreneurs have been using the electronic signature in the "Virtual Private Space" (SPV), the only ANAF system that allows online interactions with the taxpayers.

Keez is a full accounting services company (financial accounting, balance sheet, mandatory accounting records, balance sheet, preparation and monthly submission of tax returns, respectively registration of salary documents to ITM and Revisal) performed by certified accounting experts CECCAR. Thanks to the automation of over 90% of accounting processes, Keez manages, through the online platform and the mobile application, to facilitate entrepreneurs' real-time access to the most important documents and financial management reports.