Romanian equity crowdfunding platform Seedblink seeks a €3 million series A round to further expand in the region

15th Mar 2021

The Romanian equity crowdfunding platform Seedblink is looking for a €3 million series A round to further expand in the region. Andrei Dudoiu, one of the co-founders, said that the individual investors could also take part in the next funding round. 

"We have positioned ourselves as the equity crowdfunding platform for technology startups, but we want to be more than a crowdfunding platform. We aim to become an investment platform that gathers not just professional angel investors and VC funds. We want individual investors from Europe to benefit from investing in tech startups, and the founders to find resources and mentors in one place", stated Andrei Dudoiu. 

Dudoiu expects to close the round in the summer and use the funding to grow Seedblink's presence in the region. The platform plans to find local scouts in different countries to discover tech startups ripe for a crowdfunding campaign.

Seedblink operates with a 6-7% success fee that startups will have to pay from the total amount raised through crowdfunding.

Seedblink was launched in December 2019 by former bankers Andrei Dudoiu and Ionuț Pătrăhău. Early last year, Radu Georgescu and Carmen Sebe joined as partners and the team managed to facilitate 26 out of 54 financing rounds of the Romanian startups in 2020.

With over 4,000 investors from 12 countries, SeedBlink launched 35 crowdfunding campaigns in the last 16 months, helping startups, including their own platform, to attract over EUR 12 million in total investments from individuals and venture capital firms. 

6.7 million euros were raised through equity crowdfunding, while the rest was funds from the lead investors.

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