IT Smart Systems (ITSS) integrated six banks and Revolut in the SmartPG open banking hub

21st Feb 2021

IT Smart Systems (ITSS), one of the players in the Open Banking space that launched the public beta version of its SmartPG Hub last year (October 6th), announced new milestones after four months of development and testing. ITSS has integrated some of the major banks in Romania - BRD, BT, BCR, CEC Bank, ING, Raiffeisen, and Revolut for both AISP (account information) and PISP (payment initiation) flows.

Smart PG has also successfully performed live production tests for AISP transactions, with live production user information for BCR, BT, and Raiffeisen.

ITSS has invested 1,772 person-days in developing the Hub, and the company's investment engagement continues. In addition to supporting specific production integrations requirements coming from their customers, the SmartPG Team is working hard to keep the commitment on the roadmap in the following directions:

  • add Unicredit to the list of supported and normalized APIs
  • add bulk payments support for the PISP API
  • consolidate and improve the resilience of the solution by adding another availability zone inside the EU space
  • add optional enhanced audit capabilities for all API calls

SmartPG (Smart Payment Gateway) is a PSD2 Integration Hub that facilitates consumers' access (regulated third-party providers, or TPPs) to the banks exposed APIs in a simple, secure, unified, and aggregated manner. 

It is compliant with Berlin Group Standards and Regulations. The Hub is continuously evolving and improving, and IT Smart Systems granted a particular emphasis on the security component, as protecting the consumer's identity is vital in financial services.

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